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Welcome to the Gurgaon Entrepreneurs!!!

Gurgaon Entrepreneurs is a platform where entrepreneurs can connect together for exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience, trends, ventures, startups, small business, home business, and freelance services as well as develop the right entrepreneurial temperament through interaction with larger community.

And if you can do your bits for social change while conducting serious business, there is nothing like it.

Rules of the Group:

1. English and Hindi are the only languages accepted for all kinds of communication.

2. The participants shall regard others’ right to expression and shall not get offended by the views contrary to the views maintained by them.

3. The participants will express their views openly, but without provoking and offending others. No statement offending a faith, religion, ideology or another member shall be made.

4. The participants shall not make any personal comments on other participants. Nor shall they ask pointed questions that provoke others even in a veiled manner.

5. Gurgaon Entrepreneurs is a ‘family’ group. The content and delivery of posts/comments/pictures/videos etc. should, therefore, be most civilized.

6. The use of libelous and unparliamentary language shall be the last thing expected of a ‘Gurgaon Entrepreneurs’ member.

7. While members are free to make suggestions for improvement in the group and its functioning, those who do not agree with the mandate and basic principles of the group may please leave the group with dignity instead of spoiling the environment of the group.

8. Promotion of products, services, political or other parties, other groups, blogs, websites, personal messages, and all posts not related with entrepreneurship, or not related with topical entrepreneur issues are spam insofar as ‘Gurgaon Entrepreneurs’ is concerned. All such stuff will be removed from the group.

9. NO MLM! NO GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES! PERIOD. These posts will be deleted and members banned with immediate effect.

10. Admin(s) will not be responsible in for the posts/comments made by members in their individual capacities. Admin(s), however, reserve the right to remove objectionable content/members from the group and no discussion on the decision will be entertained.

11. The admin(s) will be forced to remove the members who violate the norms of the groups with or without warning depending upon the nature of violation.

12. The purpose of these rules is to ensure the high quality of membership and contribution to each others' business.

Join, invite ALL your Friends and Associates and Promote. Our goal is to have Entrepreneurs networking, sharing, learning, growing, and prospering together.

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