Gurgaon Foodie

Food, drink, and eating out in Gurgaon. Share your experiences with fellow Gurgaonites and be guided by them.
As a group, we do NOT allow:
=> plugging of hotels/restaurants by their owners or marketing/PR agencies; nor do we allow commercial promotions done by any businesses or their friends and associates.
=> soliciting anything that requires money.
=> any links or URLs whatsoever.
=> Gurgaon Foodie respects all cuisines from all parts of the country. Any disrespect to others' dishes or cuisine is to be avoided.
=> ridicule, rudeness, offensive language, condescension, discrimination/racism or anything of political or religious nature.
=> posting photos without any description, or posting personal photos.
=> English is the language of the group. While occasional references to Hindi are fine, kindly desist from using Punjabi or any other language, for easy comprehension by everyone.
=> publishing of photos that have not been clicked by the members themselves, or the ones that are not connected to food.
=> any breach of Intellectual property and copyright.
while we do not allow any companies in this group, we welcome individuals from these companies to join our group.
=> Gurgaon Foodie events are held in restaurants. Gurgaon Foodie potlucks are held at members’ homes or a public hall at a nominal cost borne by all attending. Thirdly there are Gurgaon foodie food walks. ALL THESE EVENTS ARE OPEN TO ALL, on a first-come-first-served basis and are publicly announced. While for GF events, payment is made through fb pay, the GF Potlucks are based on all attendees bringing in some food or drink item(s), and food walks are dutched out. The photographs taken during these events are shared on Gurgaon Foodie group to share the spirit of the event with those who could not make it. The events may or may not be open to children depending on the seats available and appropriateness of the event. Alcohol may be served during day time events but not during evening events. The focus always is on fine, unique food.
=> Members are free to get together with other members and have their own events. Such events are not to be planned on the Gurgaon Foodie group but through their private groups/chats. Photographs taken at these events also are not to be displayed on the Gurgaon Foodie group
Repeated violations after advising the members to refrain from such activities can lead to expulsion from the group.
Also whenever there is an enquiry regarding restaurant phone numbers or bakers or caterers etc., kindly inbox your phone number and other details to whoever is interested, and not post it here. Any such links or phone numbers will be deleted.