Gurgaon Network

Gurgaon Network - A community group for building relationships
1. Fun and healthy interaction. Share ideas, info, happenings, areas of interest. Reach out to help everyone around you.
2. PROMOTIONAL - Only 1 post a week for promotional purposes. Also posts to not have more than 1-2 pic picture attachments. Do prefer to share links from your business / personal pages instead.
Let us all be more active to promote others and their work as solution to the queries. After all the best promotion is through referrals rather than just posting ads.
3. Please post content or jokes which would be appropriate for such an audience.
Any post found inappropriate will be deleted at discretion of the administrators.
Any member found to be not following the guidelines continuously will be banned from the group.
For corporates/brands- for details on any kind of specific event promotions or special offers for the group, please contact the group admins
Happy Networking !!
For any query please contact the Group Admins