Gurgaon Networking

Welcome to Gurgaon Networking !!!

Gurgaon is home for us all and to build relationships in this home, we need lots of friends, information and interaction. That is precisely the idea behind this group. Well, we rather call it a community of friends (women and men) to discuss whatever we have in your heart and mind, to share information which is useful as well as helpful.

Guidelines for Gurgaon Networking:

1. The idea behind the group is to have a fun and healthy interaction and have a community of sorts to help each other out and answer queries.

2. This is a family group. So please post content or jokes which would be appropriate for such an audience. Any post found inappropriate will be deleted at discretion of the administrators.

3. Lets exchange information on whats happening in the city - food, fashion, movies, books, music, happening events etc. whatever you come across and might be of interest of the larger group.

4. You can promote your business but only ONE post is allowed every week. Let us all be more active to promote others and their work as solution to the queries. After all the best promotion is through referrals rather than just posting ads.

5. Feel free to promote your events in the group. The event posts should also be limited to ONCE a week. Any related updates should be posted as further comments to the original post.

6. We want to be the people-connector out here, maybe you never know that the members you are interacting with in the group might be your neighbors or from the same native place or your kids might be going to the same school or be from the same community. Through this group we want you to interact offline as well as online.

7. Lets make it informative with some healthy interaction between members and we would want people to participate more.

8. We also plan to have synergies with other groups and get you some useful information.

Happy Networking :-)