Guy stuff-Colorado Springs area

Guy Stuff- A place where guys go to buy and sell, you guessed it..... GUY STUFF. Post items for sale like cars, parts, tools, electronics, guns, and sports equipment. If you're posting crap like purses, baby clothes, and cooking utensils..... I'm gonna have to pull your man card. BBQ grills are ok tho.
Alright everyone, let's get to posting. Sell, trade, ISO, whatever. But first there are some very simple guidelines that need to be followed. If you choose not to abide by them, your post will be deleted. Additionally, if you decide that to take that as an open invitation to continue not following them, you'll be banned without notice.
*Please make sure you include ALL pertinent information like asking price, year, make, model, condition, location, size ect. And please..... include at least one photo, nobody likes having to ask for one.
*The page really isn't about pushing the envelope on what could be considered manly. A good rule of thumb is "if you have to ask, the answer is no". Sorry, but I really want to provide a place where men can buy and sell the things that really appeal to them and not have to sift through ridiculous amounts of nonsense.
*Do not share a post with privacy set to 'friends only'.
*Do not post a link to craigslist or another site where you've listed the items (shareing a status update originating from your own timeline is ok tho). Please take the time to accurately describe your items and provide a good browsing experience.
*Please do not 'bump' your post more than once every other day.
*Do not advertise your company unless aproved by an admin.
*If you act like a Nancy on this page (acting like a douche, talking shit, or posting crap you damn well know doesn't belong on the page), or in general fail to abide by these guidelines, the 'Ban Hammer' will fall swift but just.

This is a very new group and I will try my best to provide all of you guys with a good experience by enforcing these guidelines. If anyone has a suggestion for something I may have missed, please pm me.

Thanks, to everyone who jumped onboard and appreciates the group. I hope this group continues to grow and becomes the goto hub for buying and selling the things that really matter!