ONLINE YARD SALE (greenville, sc and surrounding areas)

I would like to take a few seconds to let some of the new and old members of this group to PLEASE NOT POST SPAM!
No bumping posts before seven days. This includes deleting photos and relisting them for sale, posting "still available" commenting with anything other than a response to a question.
NO SPAM Spam includes stuff that you would NOT find at a yard sale. Weight loss programs, how to make money for the holiday etc. Shoes with outside links, other groups, excess facebook fan pages or website links.
Also, please if you have 10 items just list them with the price instead of posting 10 photos. If someone is interested you can then post. It makes this group go a lot smoother with all 5,OOO plus people posting.
If your item is SOLD please delete the post.
-Attention: you will be removed from this group upon your first spam post.
-If you have a business page, we allow only ONE post per week
-DO NOT bump a post within 7 days-this includes price changes and still available posts (read above) - we do not tolerate bumps - they will be deleted and you will be removed from the group.

Please follow the simple rules above to avoid this.