Hawthorn Football Club Banter & Memes Group


1 Content:
As a member of this forum, we encourage you to partake in the conversations, and feel free to start your own. When doing so, these rules apply:

A- The forum is dedicated to the Hawthorn Football Club with the content to be predominantly thoughts about our great Club. Other football topics are permitted, but we want a predominantly Hawthorn theme in what is posted

B, We encourage honest thoughts on our Team and players. With honesty, we will always be accepting of what we deem as constructive criticism delivered in a polite manner, but, we will not tolerate open abuse to the players or Club

2, Behavior

A, Abuse of any type to other patrons will not be tolerated

B, The use of the "C" word, homophobic,racist or sexist posts will result in either a warning or ultimately being remove and/or banned from the network if unheeded.Other language is tolerated as long it follows the rules herein.

C, Please respect all peoples views, and understand we are all passionate Hawkers, but express our passion in different ways. This might mean you will have to tolerate a view about the Club, or certain player that goes against yours. Refrain from greeting it with abuse, and rather agree to disagree.

If you cannot, contact an Admin over the issue.

D, If you feel aggrieved by the action of another, rather than abuse, contact one of the Admins listed below

E, Use Common Sense and respect, and think before you talk

3, Memes:

A:Negative comments made towards any memes can result in instant removal without prior warning.Keep it positive, and if you do not like it for whatever reason, keep scrolling down.This is the very fabric of 'HFCBanter & memes' and is what we are about, unless the meme falls under clause B.

B: No meme that is racist,sexist,homophobic,excessive language or has the "C" word is welcome here.If you see something that breaks these guidelines, please report to Admin for immediate action.

Lastly, if you are a whiner, this is not the Forum for you!

4, Bans

Ideally we do not want to ban anyone, but situations will arise leaving us no other option.You will be warned for a set action/behavior through us via inbox.(PM)You will be asked to act in a more civil manner, and if you do,no further action will incur and the matter will be considered closed.
If not, you will be removed and banned from re-entering.
We reserve the right to ban without any prior warning under these circumstances.
Sadly, there will always be acts deemed as unacceptable, leading to an immediate ban.

contact us: [email protected]

Thankyou, Go hawks! #everymoment