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HONG KONG WINE & FOOD is a place for like minded wine buffs and foodies to share fine wine and dining experiences.
Share with us your favourite drop, a great dining experience or a recipe worth trying.
We love Hong Kong, we love our food and we LOVE our wine.

Additional notes for this page:

What we want-

EXPERIENCES OF WINE & FOOD. Photo's are great! If you have more than 1 photo to share of a particular experience please group them into one post.

UP COMING EVENTS. Let us know what's happening in Hong Kong where wine & food is involved e.g. wine tastings, food & wine fairs, restaurant & bar events.

WINE/PRODUCT TASTING NOTES. Share with us product notes & reviews but please keep it interesting. Long winded boring notes may be deleted by a group admin.

RESTAURANT REVIEWS & OPENINGS. Enjoyed a meal somewhere? Know of a hot new resto that's just opened? Tell us about it.

What we DON'T want-

UNRELATED TO HONG KONG FOOD RECIPES - Unless your recipe is related to local Hong Kong restaurants or supports Hong Kong produce this is not the place for them and they will be deleted.

LIKE OUR PAGE ADVERTS. Posts asking people to LIKE your page will be deleted. We're not here to advertise Facebook.

PRODUCT ADVERTS- Any retail posts advertising products will be deleted by a group admin. This page is to share fun wine & food experiences not for the hard sell!