Hampton Roads and DMV Photographers, Models, Mua, Designers LET'S NETWORK!!

This group is a Forum for Agencies Models and Business Professionals to find work - Network and build bridges. The COST of being able to use this site is the ADDITION of TEN NEW members from Your Friends List. If Your a Promoter or Agency the COST is 30 NEW MEMBERS added to this page. Nothing is FREE in Life especially ADVERTISING. Some Older Members are Exempt as of 6-13-2012. NEW MEMBERS joining as of 4-13-2012 Will need to add MEMBERS to continue POSTING. This Site is the LARGEST Hampton Roads MODELING/INDUSTRY SITE we are viewed by over 30,000 home pages exponentially. We ask you RENEW your Membership BI- MONTHY by Adding 5 Members. These are the RULES needed keep the page DYNAMIC and the Network Pipeline flowing. THE COST - THE FEE for AGENCIES is ADDING 30 - MEMBERS add 10 .