Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore

This group is a community of people who are keen to see the growth of the Halal F&B sector, either as consumers, consultants or business owners.

It is for members to update LIVE from the streets on any HALAL cafes, hawker stalls, coffeshops, foodcourts and restaurants in Singapore.

It is all part of the effort to search, discover, patronise, promote and support Halal food & beverage (F&B) businessed in Singapore.

It is to also serve as a LIVE directory of sorts on Halal F&B outlets for use by anyone.
So, do update this group as and when you find and patronise any Halal F&B outlet in Singapore. It will sure come in handy for all of us.

This group also welcomes owners of F&B businesses to post their fanpages here.

And if you know any food critic, please add them here too. We would like to know what they say of the food at those Halal eateries.

Not sure though if a formal listing of Halal F&B eateries will be produced here, but certainly the postings of such outlets are useful for members. Useful not only in terms of knowing what, where and who. Equally important is the group dynamics underlying the "LIVE" listings with special emphasis on counterchecks on halal status, quality of products and services and customer feedback. Let the listing be group or market driven.

It is the dynamism of the group that will be helpful for the Halal F&B sector to understand the market and all its incumberances.

Business owners will find, and probably have found, how fast & furious customer feedback travels on social media especially. Customers too can help one another locate good Halal F&B eateries and enjoy sumptuous meals with families and friends.

Hopefully, this platform will help business owners better understand consumer needs and expectations, while customers also have a better understanding of the struggles and pitfalls that business owners face all the time. Hopefully too there is a good balance between meeting standards and expectations, and compassion.

Overall, we hope this little platform will contribute towards a more vibrant Halal F&B sector in Singapore. On this note too, this platform is focused on Halal F&B businesses conducted at registered business premises ranging from food stalls at foodcourts, hawker stalls at food centres, coffeeshops and its stalls, food kiosks, cafes, restaurants and caterers.

So keep the postings, sharing and discussions coming. Just be mindful of basic decorum, and we should be fine, insyaaALlah.

And from tme to time, there will be postings pertaining to Halal Consumer Education. So, apart from appeasing our appetite for our tummy, this group will also serve food for our mind and soul, based on the concept of Halalan Toiyiban.

Have a great life in the Singapore Halal F&B Market..!!!