Pharrell Williams -- HAPPY (We are from Stavanger / Norway)

I am planning a project to build a Pharrell Williams - Happy ( We are from Stavanger/Norway ) video for Youtube -

The first of Norway !! - Here in Stavanger -

If you are creative, with an artistic sense, like having fun and want to be part of something exclusive and original join ==> Contact me (Nader Salman) to add you to the Closed group we have 25 members already all pumped up and ready!

==> please specify if you have experience in shooting, have equipment, I am searching for an experienced camera operator

Planning the shooting in May - hopefully we will have a mixt of Bad and Good weather so it will be representative!

Some themes I would like us to cover in the video but not limited to -

** Tradition/Culture (Happy Brunad people - Old/middle age/young - Happy Russ students - Happy internationals)

** Gastronomy (Happy cooks - Maybe dancing waitresses - and some dishes with the word Happy written on them)

** Sports (Happy Hikkers, Runners, Bicycle riders, Curling, Hockey players, fishing, boating)

** Professionals (Happy offshore, onshore, office people, teachers, people taking care of constructing roads and buildings, bus drivers)

** Familly (Happy mums with their babies in the baby carts, pregnant, or with 2-3 kids or more - Stavanger is really baby city in my eyes )

** Spiritual (Happy priest in the main church at Stavanger sentrum)

** Nightlife (Happy people in bars, queuing to enter clubs, queing to get food after clubbing...)

Remember the song is 4:06 minutes every short clip is around 2-6 seconds maxi

Obviously we need to focus on the ** 17 may ** Happpiest Day of the year but not only as you can see above the list is long some of which need to be filmed before and after -

here are some examples : (Vietnam) (Slovakia) (Tahiti) (Dubai)