Hardcore T.I.T.S. (Cycling)

"Hardcore T.I.T.S." was given its name as every one of us cycli...sts are awesome Hardcore People who want to spend "Time In The Saddle"
We are very much a Social Cycling Group consisting mainly of Mountain Bike rides, although we also have the odd Road ride too.
We ride mainly on weekends, and some night rides too, as often as possible, and when we do, we all ride together. Our rides are fun, non technical, but we do burn some calories and break a sweat too.
Anyone who is keen to join the group, can do so with pleasure, but do understand that we do not race when we ride! We ride as fast as the slowest rider, AND you never have to worry about riding alone.. The faster bunch in the group can ride ahead and turn back or wait for the slower riders. No One Rides Alone!" We ensure SAFETY comes first!! And with that NO HELMET NO RIDE.
No pressure into riding with us, however everyone who does ride, thoroughly enjoys themselves and comes back again. Our famous Pancake Ride is a hit, with the best caramel pancakes in town at our destination pit stop point at St Albans Market.

We do hope that everyone of you that join this group, has the intention of riding with this group too?

"Keep checking this Facebook group page for updates on ALL our rides!"
If there is any questions or suggestions, OR ANYTHING, please send us an email to hardcoretits@mweb.co.za See More