Healthy Skepticism

A place for civil, evidence based discussions around health, nutrition, medicine, and fitness. including vaccines, alt med, water fluoridation and GMOs as they pertain to human health.

Forum rules:
Rule 1: Be civil.
---We are first and foremost a community based around education. Mocking someone based on their views, beliefs, sources, or claims is the easiest way to get someone defensive. Being "right" is never an excuse to be uncivil.
--Personal attacks and insults have no place in the forum.

Rule 2: Claims must be supported by evidence when asked.
---Be prepared for any member to request that a claim be backed up by evidence. Be prepared to have your evidence examined and possibly challenged. When challenging someone's claim, never dismiss based on source alone. Explain to a member that their source is considered to be of low quality, and proceed to the claim.
Please adhere to our hierarchy of evidence as explained here.

Please note that we are no longer allowing anecdotes to be used as evidence in the forum due to abuse of this type of evidence.

Rule 3: No deleting threads or comments
---If you want to delete a thread where discussion has already begun, you must obtain permission from a moderator.
---If a post is made inadvertently or in error, it may be deleted right away without notifying a mod.

Rule 4: No spamming, solicitation, or flooding
---No advertising products, services, events, organisations, communities, or anything without first gaining permission from a moderator. This includes links to other groups, events or pages. We will happily endorse groups that follow along with out interests.
---Self Promotion: If you have content such as blog posts or articles that are on topic and relevant to our discussions, please feel free to link to your content after passing it by a moderator.
---Flooding is wen a member posts more than 3 comments in a row. If you have posted 3 comments back to back and have more to add, talk to a moderator via PM or edit your last comment to include the missing information. Please think out your comments before making them to avoid flooding.

Rule 5: Images and videos are the exception, not the norm. No Image Macros or image "memes"
--Image Memes such as Image Macros and other images should only be posted if they are necessary for discussion or if they need to be debunked and critically evaluated. Moderators may delete irrelevant or unnecessary images without warning.

Rule 6: Refrain from derailing threads and gish gallop.
--Try to stay on the topic of the specific thread.

Rule 7: No abusing website functions to interfere with open discussion
--If you feel the need to block someone on the forum, please talk to a moderator.

Moderators: Alma Glenn Laney, Lindsey Cameron, Justin Nelson, David Thomas, Bill Est, Richard He, Brian Rustle, and PennyLane Handley.