Hearts Helping Animals ( Stray, Lost, Abused, Abandoned ).

This group “ Hearts Helping Animals “ was created to help Animals as best we can when we can. We are about helping lost/found pets find their homes and help abandoned /unwanted stray pets find new homes as well as help the unwanted Feral Cats find shelter, food, and Medical help when needed..... We Speak out and educate about Animal Abuse and advocate for TNR .

We have been blessed though Networking to share with other groups such as SJNC abandoned and stray animals , SJNC Lost Pets , Heather Baxter’s Spay a Stray* ( see more details below ) , Carma and the Saint John SPCA ( ARL ) to reach out and help as needed . We each ( as group`s ) have a purpose and through sharing and communication we can continue to help and save voiceless lives.

I would also like to say we are also about sharing opinions and thoughts. Feel free to express your thoughts and feeling because we all learn from each other. Just keep it polite and think of other people`s feelings.

Thank you ,
Your Admin , Cindy Mott

More info on Heather's Spay A Stray : *( Spay A Stray Includes all the first shots including a rabies shot and the vaccine for FeLV..as well a snap test for FIV/FELK . the "spay a stray" was started to help free roaming cats that people were helping but just need that extra bit of help. We all know how expensive vet care can be. It has expanded some but I am just one person and am working on donations alone (this is not a registered charity) so we can't help every cat, nor can we do low cost vet care at this time....If anyone wishes to donate to the fund or foster a cat in need they can contact me for more info. Heather Baxter )*