Heathrow Flight Blight

This group has been set up to bring together all the people currently working, alone or in smaller groups, to bring an end to flight blight over Ascot and the immediate surrounding areas, including Bagshot, Windelsham, Lightwater and Englefield Green, as they are currently 'sharing' the new flightpaths.
By working together and sharing information, we will stop reinventing the wheel and become a real force to be reckoned with in the fight against Heathrow and our efforts to keep our homes as peaceful as they used to be. The meeting on Monday 10th October at Ascot Racecourse was only the beginning.
Please feel free to post anything relevant to this fight, whether it's communications, photos, meeting information, Heathrow propaganda, newspaper articles, updates etc etc etc - anything at all that you feel will help is very welcome.
Anyone posting anything irrelevant or against this cause will be removed from the group without notice.