HELLCATS - Seek & Destroy

Welcome Tankers! This FB page is for USABOT members active within the Battalion Territory of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

This Battalion unit is being initiated as of Mid April 2014 within the structure of the National USABOT organization. Feel free to post any POSITIVE postings, however, try to keep it Army or unit related materials.

You MAY post tasteful pictures of women, booze , and jokes. However, please keep these types of posts limited to one a day max and please keep them within reason due to any offense that a fellow member or family member may see.

We request that any posts that are religious in nature are kept limited to blessings and prayers to our brothers, and their families and military personnel.

Political issues are to be left off of this FB page. If politics are posted, they will be removed by admin. There is other places to post negativity at government and govt officials. It will not be tolerated within this Battalion. You are certainly welcome to your opinions, but we request that negative posts be kept off of this page.

We are here because we choose to be a part of a BROTHERHOOD. We are ALL here for each other! Let's show the rest of these devils how powerful HELLCATS can be! TANK ON BROTHERS! TANK ON!

Thank you for your understanding and following of these Battalion page guidelines. Tank on!!!