Christian Aguilar is a Doral alumni, a University of Florida Student, a very close friend, and is currently studying Biomedical engineering. His aspirations are to become a future doctor. Christian was a dedicated, intelligent, and resposible son, student, and dear friend. He has an amazing sense of humor that could leave everyone in a room on their knees laughing.

He has been missing since September 20, 2012 at 6:00pm near University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Family, friends, and police are conducting searches in the Gainesville area and are welcoming any volunteers to aid in the search if donations cannot be provided.

Christian has a bright future ahead of him, and any donation would be appreciated. If you would like further information, links are provided to the Christian's story a the bottom of this text. Every donation, minute, and contribution counts.

Please forward this link to those who are not familiar with this case to spread awareness.

Social platforms such as twitter and instagram use the hashtag #HelpFindChris .

There is a donation website for contributors who cannot attend the search parties: