Hemet Ca. Buy Sell and Trade

Please read this before posting or commenting in the group.

Welcome!!! This is an open group for the people of Hemet, Ca. and the surrounding communities, to buy, sell and trade with each other. We strive to keep this page safe and friendly for all ages, meaning we keep the page G-Rated. We do not endorse any public opinions, personal or political on our page and will delete them when posted. Have fun, and invite your friends. As a member of this group we ask that you follow these rules.

1. POST WITHOUT A PRICE LISTED ON THEM WILL BE DELETED. No Price, No Post. Being deceptive or misleading in your post, will be reason for you to be banned from this group. Double post of the same item will be deleted. Create your own post. Do not hijack another person’s post. Doing so will result in a ban. Posts by Scentsy, Avon, Tupperware, etc, one post per company product, not item. The sale of firearms is not allowed.

2. You may post/bump 10 items every 12 hours. Once you post your item you have to wait 12 hours before you can move it to the top of the page by commenting on it, unless you are replying to a comment. The moving of your post to the top of the list more than one time in a 12 hour period will get your post deleted. This means you can move 10 of your post every 12 hours. You cannot post 10 and move 10 at the same time. 12 Hrs has to pass before you can move again. We will contact you if there is an issue with your post. If your Facebook is set to private we will remove you from the group and you can contact us.

3. Non constructive comments on a members post will be deleted. Save the drama for your mama. If your post is deemed as unethical it will be removed from the page without notice. Continual negative posts will result in you getting banned.

4. When you sell an item, we ask that you remove your post. If you are using a cell phone and can't delete your post, comment "Delete," on your post so it can be removed. We helped you, Please help us.

5. The use of any foul language, even abbreviated, will get your post or comment deleted. Continual abuse of this rule will result in a ban.

6. NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING ALLOWED IN THIS GROUP. This also means web addresses that link to commercial businesses. Continued commercial posting will get you BANNED. The posting of your item for sale on another members post will be deleted. The posting of any Facebook GROUPS or any other internet web pages are not allowed, without asking prior permission!

7. If you any problems please send us an email or message. We are the administrators for the page. If you have a problem and do not let us know, it never happened. Communication is key in the group, so feel free to contact via messages. We are here to help you, our valued members.

A negative report against you will get you banned from the group, for a week, two a month, and three will result in a ban from the group permanently, for not letting the seller or buyer know if you cannot make your end of a deal. Communication is important, don't leave people hanging. All complaints must be made to an admin, not posted on the page.
Being kicked out of this group is not always final. We do everything we can, to keep everybody in the group.

We suggest that you never go to someone's house alone to Buy or Sell anything unless you know the selling party personally. Never meet people in your home. Do your transactions in a public place. We also recommend all transactions are done in cash. Money is good at all times, checks can be fake, have insufficient funds, or worse, someone else’s account.

This page generates a lot of post that will appear on your Facebook page. If you do not want them there, do this. On the top of the Buy Sell and Trade page on the right hand side you will see the word, “Notifications.” Click that and check, “Off,” that will stop this page from posting post from this page on your wall.

To delete your post, in the box next to “Edit Settings” it says “Search this group.” Type your name in there and click the magnifying glass, and your post will come up. To delete that post click on the post you want to delete, and it will take you to your post, and then click the invisible X to the right of the text, and then you can delete it.