This group seeks to investigate, discover, discuss, enlighten, and awaken all to the TRUTHS that have been and are being denied to ALL HUMANITY - from cover-ups, to conspiracies to misleading propaganda published by the various media outlets in an effort to control the public and public opinion.

This is a group where scientific findings as well as alleged cover-ups and various conspiracy theories will be explored and examined in an effort to discover the "real" TRUTH.

Controversial topics will be explored and various theories postulated in this group, in an effort to uncover the Truth, so each person should review various information with an open mind and perform their own analysis and come to their own opinions and conclusions.

From alien encounters, UFO's and ETs to Archangels and Luciferian entities, to New World Order Plans and Eugenics Goals for the entire human population, to false flag events and stagings to change public opinions etc. many subjects will be explored in this group - all designed to awaken to the HIDDEN TRUTHS, COVER-UPS and CONSPIRACY THEORIES that are so often being based on Truth more than theory.

Please join with us and take the time to explore, examine and be awoken to the HIDDEN TRUTHS ABOUT OUR PLANET AND UNIVERSE, and the very existence of our human race in relationship to our planet and the universe.

It is time to leave the Matrix and be awoken to the real Hidden Truths that are affecting many of the current events we are experiencing throughout the world today.

War is never the answer!

TRUTH and WISDOM ............. should always prevail.

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