HipstaMaticLA Portraits

Hipstamatic App & Oggl only people portrait group.
No advertising, no sharing of links, no spam and no drama between members and friends!
This group is about documenting the Han Condition with Hipstamatic & Oggl for iPhone and any device that accepts and is compatible with Hipstamatic Print app.
All work posted must be created by the poster and is copyrighted w/all rights reserved to the artist/member.
For the time being we will remain an open group untill such time that we decide to limit the membership for those of us who actually want to know each other as Friends!
More to come later....
If you have questions and comments and suggestions that pretain and affect the quality of interaction and cameadery, please post your comments in the group timeline.
There will be no anger and disagreements and no drama allowd..:))
Have fun, this is evolving.....