History Of Hartlepool In Images

***UPDATE....please refrain from posting images of family members/friends or of people where there is no reference to the town. Unfortunately Facebook only allows a certain amount of images. For every one of Aunt Edna or Uncle Albert knocks an image off from the collection of amazing historical images that relate to thousands of people rather than a few. We all have hundreds of photos like these and this wouldn't be much of a site if we all posted our own. Keep these for your own Facebook page where your friends and family will still see and enjoy them.

To try and keep this group about the history of hartlepool in images, these types of images will be removed in the future.

Thank you****

This Group was created in September 2011. It started off with a handful of images with the hope a few others would contribute and create an area for people to discuss/reminiss days gone by.

I think it's fair to say no one could have imagined how successful it would become. There are now almost 8000 members and over 5500 images.

Please feel free to share your images. As there is a limit to how many images can be held please try and post images that are of a historical nature (it is a History site after all) and have a point of reference to the town. If you can, comment on the year and tell us what you know of the image. You'll be surprised as to how much more you might learn from other members.