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Please Read Everything. This is a NO SPAM GROUP. First offense results in removal/ban***

Note: Messages sent asking for exceptions on things that are stated within the rules will not be replied to and, furthermore, you'll be blocked. Also, please do not ask me to inbox you. My inbox is not customer support or a free ticket to "pitch". If it can't be posted on the group wall, it's probably a no-go. If you have to ask yourself if it's OK..then it probably isn't.

Thanks for understanding. :)

Welcome to Home Business Owners. Our mission is to support one another through sharing ideas, adding professional value and building relationships. To get an idea of what kind of posts are appropriate for this group, simply scroll through the wall.

If you have to second guess whether it's ok to post something or not, chances are that it's probably not allowed.

Rules (no exceptions will be made):::

1. No spamming

2. No bumping posts

3. No pitching/promoting a company, product/service, webinars, other groups or fan pages, personal links, re-shares from other pages, etc. (If your link can be linked back to your personal page or any kind of business opportunity it is not allowed.)

4. No advertising

5. No soliciting or phishing. It's just a gateway for spam!

( i.e. asking for friend requests, private messages or requests to be pitched to. If you cannot post it in the group then you need to post it on your own profile page. HOWEVER, we DO encourage members to look through the group and get a feel for what is out there and ask SPECIFIC/TARGETED questions on a particular business or aspect of business they're looking for more insight on.)

6. NO TYPING IN ALL CAPS. It's poor "netiquette".

7. No auto-posters (ie. hootsuite, ram cage, etc.).

8. A wall full of this just clogs up the group. If you'd like to share something inspiration, be very sure that it can open up an actual discussion OR that it's a personal experience versus copying/pasting quotes and pictures. We LOVE positivity & inspiration *sprinkled* in the right amounts.

9. Do NOT PM me to rush approve your post, etc. My inbox is NOT support & I will ban/block people who abuse it as so.

10. Do not go through new members & click *like* & make it your job to welcome them. It's obnoxious and clogs the feed.

--- You ARE allowed to post that your business is for sale please send ad copy to me. Until this is done, any ad posts will be denied. ----