Hope for Olive Hill Kentucky

Beacons of HOPE is a volunteer organization geared towards stabilizing Olive Hill through unified youth and community involvement to create a lasting impact for a happy, safe, and productive future for all.

The Three Main Goals of HOPE:
1. To Stabilize our community. This goal simply means to get Olive Hill back on her feet again. In order to make any great progress, we must be willing and ready (in other words in a stable environment in which such change can happen) in order for a lasting impact to be possible.

2. To Unify our community. We are here to help bring our small town closer together, and strengthen a bond of unity that already exists within our community. Olive Hill has a strong unity bond but our goal, is to connect everyone together, not only in times of trouble, but in the times of prosperity to come.

3. To Make a lasting Impact in our community. It is HOPE's goal, to make a lasting impact in the structure and stability of our community for many years to come. It is our goal, to work with the City Council and CPR, to help make an influence on such key issues as growth and developement, and future goals/plans for our great city.