Horror Writers Association

A place for members/friends of the HWA.

Everyone is welcome in our FB group, but membership in this group does NOT equate to HWA membership. Please visit our website to find out how to join: www.horror.org

ONLY HWA MEMBERS MAY POST PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL AND MAY DO SO ONLY ONCE EACH SATURDAY. Promotional material on other days will be deleted. Promotional material posted by non-members will be deleted. (Other Rules also apply - see below.)

The Bram Stoker Awards®: This page is not a free-for-all. Please read the Etiquette: http://www.horror.org/stoker-etiquette.htm . You may post a note about providing your work for 'Bram Stoker Award consideration to HWA members' only once each year (on a Saturday) prior to the Preliminary Ballot. Further posts will be deleted. After the Preliminary Ballot and Final Ballot are issued those appearing on the Ballot may post once more after each Ballot is announced. Non HWA members may post ONCE per year, on a Saturday, offering a work published in the same calendar year for Award consideration.

Posting of markets and open calls for submissions: It is the official policy that our social media outlets only be used to promote paying markets. Markets that only offer contributors' copies and no payment may NOT be promoted. A paying market is defined as either an advance, up front payment or royalties only. The only exception is for books/markets raising charity funds.

Posting of blog and story excerpts is limited to 100 words. Such posts should include a link to the excerpt or blog. This is considered promotion.

Over-posting: Do NOT over-promote your work. Limit your posts about your work to no more than one in any seven day period. Multiple posts are removed and repeated offences may result in a ban.

The following areas are not acceptable as posts on HWA's Facebook page:

a. Advance notice of book covers;

b. Reviews of your own work on Amazon, Goodreads,etc. (while reviews published on established horror or mainstream review sites, etc, are allowed.)

c. Irrelevant personal posts about progress in your writing. While we understand your excitement/angst those posts are not for our page.

d. Any post asking to LIKE another Facebook page; or promoting anything irrelevant to horror writing.

e. Any post asking to vote in any competition.

f. Political content.

g. Reviews or promotions of horror films/TV (including motion picture trailers and Kickstarter projects) unless they are written by or adapted from an HWA member's work; in Bram Stoker Award consideration at the time of the post; or are previous winners of the Award.

h. Links/pictures/memes without comment. If they are worthy of our members' attention explain why.

i. Insulting or derogatory posts.

Andrew Wolter is the HWA's Facebook group page Coordinator. Patrick Freivald is the moderator.