Horry County Online Yard Sale/Flea Market

This site was created for anyone whom might want to sell some of those things in their basement, closets, or storage.............but don't want to have a yard sale in the front yard. lol. So post away, I hope everyone can maybe make a little money, and get rid of a few things someone else might treasure.

1. Create an Album - this will allow more space on screen for others whom are posting. Without paging through screen after screen. I understand if someone makes a comment it will pop up.
2. Edit your items - what it is, the price, location, etc.
3. If you begin to have a conversation about the items please go in to pm'ing or messaging one another. It just clogs up the screen otherwise.
4. Contact me with suggestions or questions.
5. If you become a no show , on a regular basis , then we are asking your name be reported and we will inform you once of the actions, then you continue, you will be deleted.
6. Fair is Fair, that is all I want.