Houston Photography Club

This group is STRICTLY for Photography related posts and NOT for ANY OTHER PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES. We don't care about anything that isn't Photography related. If you want to use this group as your private "self promotion" group or a group to sell your goods, please go elsewhere. I will usually give you one warning, unless it egregious, and after that, you are banned for life. You are welcome to watermark your images with your website/info in it but even that is pushing the limits if it's terribly intrusive in your image. Please read and understand this before you post anything. We want people to learn, enjoy and participate in the group.

This Group is for Houston area photographers to discuss, teach, learn, and display some of their favorite images. When possible, information about how you made the shot (lighting, techniques, etc.) is encouraged. Members are encouraged to post a few of their best images and also some of their images that they would like critiqued by fellow photographers.

This group is open to all levels of photographers. If you have a camera, or access to one, then feel free to join.

Suggestions for meetups are ALWAYS welcome along with photographers volunteering to lead workshops.