Hunting Australia

Hunting Australia

The Hunting Australia Group was created to all Australian hunters an avenue to share posts about their hunting adventures, be it field updates, photos, stories hunt reports. We support all forms of legal hunting and aim to promote hunting as a legitimate lifestyle choice.

We try to maintain a high standard on what’s posted in the Group so any photos, stories or posts that depict unethical, illegal or inappropriate content will be removed. We ask members to use their own judgement to decide what’s inappropriate but as a rule posts that do nothing to advance or promote hunting or disrespect the game we hunt are not welcome.

For the benefit of all members in the group we have a few simple rules we kindly ask everyone to adhere to. Members continually ignoring these few simple rules will be removed.

1. No “For Sale” or “Wanted to Buy” posts, please visit our dedicated classifieds group for this
2. No promotion of other groups or pages without prior approval of the admin team;

For all posts relating to the discussion of gear, ballistics, reloading or even to share photos of your new hunting gear, please visit Hunting Australia’s Guns & Gear Group at

A HUGE thankyou to all the members that have made this Group such great success and a place to discuss and promote hunting in Australia.