Hutchinson Area (GUYS) garage sale


Price, pics, location.
Edit, bump or delete your old post before reposting the same items.
Bump once a day.
Delete your sold items.
Guy stuff only. Read below if you don't know what that is.

This is the FB Garage sale for GUYS in Hutchinson and surrounding areas! So post your unwanted stuff and get some $$ in your pocket! Some of the things NOT allowed are- your old underwear, all your kids old toys, baby clothes and board games, and any other household junk that needs to be thrown away rather than waste time over 50 cents. These garage sales work well, its just tough to find anything guys can relate to on the other garage sale pages. So lets see some big boy toys! Hunting & fishing stuff, cars, trucks, ATV's, SXS's, snowmobiles, parts, guns, ammo.....etc Anything GUYS can relate to or play
- If your more than 20 minutes away from Hutchinson and are NOT willing to meet in or near Hutch to make a sale if need be DO NOT POST HERE. This is a local site.
-To ADD to this, anything outside of Hutchinson needs to have a location listed in the post. If your item is located IN Hutch, a location is simply not necessary.
-Posts with no pics of items "for sale" WILL BE DELETED!
-Careful with the furniture too, if WE dont consider it GUY related its gone.
-This is not an ISO site.
-NO VIDEO GAMES or game consoles....this is a guys garage sale not one for boys or gamers
-NO Clothes. Outdoor gear and boots are fine but NO jeans,shirts or everyday clothing
-NO car dealers
-If your ad gets deleted, then we simply don't consider it appropriate for the site. We don't owe you an explanation.
- If you get removed from the site by accident, simply try to re-join. This can happen if you post a bunch of pics in an album and the items are not for the site. Its much faster for us to simply remove the user rather than each individual picture.
-NO bashing other peoples posts! If you don't like some ones item or post keep your comments to yourself, simply don't comment. If you think a post isn't guy related simply report it and the admin will remove it if necessary when they get to it.

If you have an item you not sure about feel free to message the admin to see if its ok for the site, rather than putting the time into positng it and having it deleted right away. Try to scroll through the site and compare your item first.