Naĸнʀelι Qυeenz & Sнaʀaʀтι Kιngz

This is not just a group, but a FAMILY we have and we are!

Be Respectful and considerate

This means:

▬▬► Don’t harass or make personal attacks.

▬▬► Don't post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content.

▬▬► Wall is for POETRY/JOKES/LINKS (SONGS OR POETRY), so no POLLING or COMPLAINTS are accepted there.

▬▬► Appreciating the criticism in simple manner and that is sending a PRIVATE MESSAGE to any admin.

▬▬► Allowing members to use the language for each other they want to use, but not vulgar,
because that’s your personal matter with the other member and that can be funny at times for others.

▬▬►Allowing ADMINS to show their power if they want to.

Some important factors:

▬▬► If any one of admins from group is present in GROUP that would be considered presence of all admins.

▬▬► Admin can ban any person without letting other admins if he/she wants to for the sake of Group.

▬▬► Members should be civilized enough to know how to CRITICIZE others.

Members can correct admins if ADMINS are wrong, but not on wall.

▬▬► Members can give us SOLUTIONS.

▬▬► If we receive any complaint against any member of sending private messages to other member, he/she be either WARNED or BANNED.


Violating these rules may result in a permanent ban from the Group.
That's not fun for anyone, so please follow these simple rules very carefully.
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Created on : 30/11/2015