I am Dz And I Speak English

★ No Arabic NOR French ✖ English Only ✔ Plz ● Cursing is Forbid...den ▼ ↓↑ ★This Group Is About Everything And Anything.
★Blocking any ''Admin'' or ''Moderator'' is considered an offence and will be followed by a permanent ban.

★★★ ★The actual admins are:
>>Akram Tlb ✔
>>Laid Redouani ✔
>>Mahmoud Bouaziz ✔
>>Nassim Nakoub ✔

★★★The actual moderators are :
>> Abdelbasset Chabani ✔
>> Abdel Djalil Maamir ✔
>>Houssam Sadkaoui((Ayllenx Ssem)) ✔
>> Imad Pros ✔
>> Rae Andrews ✔
>> AyMen Cle ✔
>>Abdel Aziz Menouar✔
>>Fateh Ben ✔
>> Mohamed Bouloussa ✔
>> Mohamed Rougab ✔

★ The Group's Rules : ↓↑

*** Whenever someone posts or comments something contains cursing words or conflicts with the principles of our religion Islam will be deleted immediately ✖ .

** Arabic posts will be deleted when seen by an admin - Qur'an & Hadith excluded -- ✔.

*** If you were Reported by 3 members or more for publishing a post contrary to the rules, you will be banned from The Group .

***It is normal to have a disagreement when debating & getting into a little quarrel,BUT it is not acceptable to take it too far by insulting one's family, making racist remarks, taking one's personal pictures & using them against them, or bashing anyone's religious preference.

*** No sexual posts ,pictures, and comments whether they're pointed to men or women.Immediately report it if you see one .

*** Please don't disrespect your fellow members while commenting .

***If you have a problem with how an admin is doing their job talk to another admin and explain what's happening to him. DO NOT post about it or drag other members to show how corrupt an admin is. This is a bannable offence.

***Pictures or videos containing violence, blood, or gore will be deleted.

***Advertising of anything without getting an admin's approval isn't allowed.
When an admin gives you approval, write the name of the admin who approved it or tag him.

***Any kind of screenshots about other members' posts in order to disrespect or make fun of them will cause deleting the post and a permanent ban for the post owner.

***Any posts that tend to be low level, spam, stupid, or useless much will be deleted without warning.
NOTE : you can help us by reporting the wrong/unrespectful posts
and also reporting the posts with the unrespectful comments, If you notice any spam links or posts you feel don't belong in the group, please report it to an admin in order to make it easier for us to get rid of these scum.
Thank you all !

Enjoy your time & Have Fun everybody (^_^) .