Welcome to Visions Dreams & Meditations, in association with Global Healing.

This Group is created for One & All to post any Visions, Dreams and Meditations they would like interpretations upon by myself, Rameka Chin, or anyone else who feels open to interpreting and offering Guidance.

So please feel free to write whatever you have seen and been given (No matter how full on or out there it may be), and we, (myself, Spirit and whomever else chooses) shall do our best to accommodate your Visions, Dreams and Meditations with Guidance from above and beyond =)

*** Please understand also, that regardless of any Interpretations given here, it is extremely important to always look within, for your own understandings. If what we say resonates, then awesome. If not, that is ok too, for it is about you, and what you have received. Always TRUST your own Guidance and Intuition ***

Journey Well Brothers & Sisters

Rameka Chin
Global Healing