Iconoclastically Bombastic Sports

Rules(more to come)
1.Read before you post. Especially with Breaking News items we don't need 10 of the same story. Comment on the story or make a new post about your take on the story.

2. Try not to make things personal, everyone struggles with this(including me) but keep it fun.

3. If you don't like content posted, keep it moving I'm sure there will be another post in a matter of minutes that you do like.

4. No slurs of any kind. We've evolved to making light of some of them
White person=Saltine
N-word=Nickel or Ninja. Also just keep vulgar stuff off the page, i.e dick riding, hoe, bitch etc... PG/PG13 here for the most part.

5. Fines: Probably the most unique thing about the group they kind of just evolved from guys saying members should be fined for saying certain(stupid) things. It's all in good fun.

6. If you post breaking news it must be accompanied with a link or a screenshot.

7. Don't post multiple posts in a short period of time. It clogs the page up and blows up everyone's notifications.

8. Off topic posts will be treated on a case by case basis. For the most part the post should at least start out with sports or have a sports tie in. If it's entertaining, occasionally a non topic sports post will stand.