ICP Care / Itchy Moms

The ICP Care Facebook group is for all those affected by Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP).

At www.icpcare.org we care about providing research-based, medical referenced information. As well as insight for dealing with symptoms, our personal experiences, and most of all, an encouraging ear from others who really understand ICP. You may just need to vent, or you may want more in the way of communication with others directly. ICP Care brings you together.

ICP is a high risk pregnancy condition. Often, the only symptom noticed is itching while others may have right upper quadrant pain. Please visit the ICP Care website for information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and how you can help by being a volunteer.

Two helpful file references (1) ICP Infographic PDF with each section links to Medical articles here http://www.icpcare.org/images/ICPinfographic.pdf (2) This printable letter to share with your doctor or midwife. http://www.icpcare.org/images/Dear%20Healthcare%20Specialist2014.pdf

The Facebook Group is an Open group; anyone on Facebook can see the group and join. Your posts can be seen by any of your Facebook friends. Please contact us at [email protected] directly for any information you wish to remain private as we do have a Secret group as well. Be sure to read the member outline & notes on this page before posting for general conduct guidelines and useful tips. http://www.icpcare.org/support-groups.html Please use proper etiquette to ask the admins of this group before cross posting.

We look forward to being of any help with questions, concerns and comfort. Personally having experienced ICP, we have lived through this condition and understand that the itching alone can be challenging. You are not alone!!

This Facebook group is monitored by ICP Care Moderators. Meet us http://www.icpcare.org/about.html Please keep in mind we are not Doctors.

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