International Carnivorous Plant Society Forum

The International Carnivorous Plant Society's Facebook Forum is a place for the CP community on Facebook to meet, discuss the latest topics and enjoy carnivorous plants.You can share and discuss CP news, new developments, post pictures, ask questions and even to get feedback on ICPS policy. However we want to keep this about information and sharing, so we won't allow sales unless approved by managers (don't bother sending a request unless profits go at least partly to conservation).

To reduce spam no accounts will be approved that are completely blocked off and don't show either friends (in group or otherwise), pictures of your plants or at the very least a general interest in nature. We all already own sunglasses!

The original ICPS Facebook page will from now on only be used for announcements and other information by the ICPS. So, that page will provide information and news in a clear way and not hidden between all kinds of other posts and this page will provide a means to discuss things as was requested by many. We hope this solution will please all.