International Computer Sleeving Community

The International Computer Sleeving Community is a group for sleevers and beginning sleevers to share sleeving related information, sleeving guides, sleeving photos, and sleeving methods, sleeving sources/vendors and custom sleeving sellers.

The first and foremost goal of the ICSC is to share information and to help each other reach new levels of perfection in our trade. We will always take the time to help out anyone who has a question regarding sleeving.

The rules for this group are as follows:

1. Always help out someone that has a question - no questions asked should go unanswered.

2. Always be kind and polite - if you don't agree with someones opinion or method please be respectful of it, just like your would like yours to be treated with respect.

3. You may advertise your sleeving brand or services but repetitive spamming of such will result in banning.

4. If you don't believe someone has a good service or product you are OK to voice your opinion but explain why that is your opinion and be polite while doing so.

5. When showing work or pictures always give a reference and give credit to the owner/maker. Also please keep to sharing only a few photos a day. Excessive spamming will result in a ban.

6. No swearing allowed what so ever. Please use your judgement with this rule.

7. Please keep your photos and posts to be only sleeving related, also keep all of your photos and posts "PG" rated. Refrain from showing pictures of scantly clad females and the such, there is no reason for posting this in a sleeving group.

8. Racism/sexism/religion bashing and or jokes along those lines will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

If there is any more rules you believe should be added please feel free to suggest them.