Infinite Flight World Pilots

★Infinite Flight World Pilots Administration

CEO/Founder: John Preston
Co. Founder: Shemar McDonald
Chief Operations Officer : Eric Smith
Advisor: Luis Rodriguez & Yusef Forster
President: Joshua Green
Vice President: Denton Kanami Tomlinson
Flight Director: Sumith M
Events Manager: Yusef Forster
Event Planners: Ben Bearup & Michael Black
Content Coordinator: Nick Kaseta
Social Media Director: Elias Davila
File manager: Sean Wangnick
Welcome Guy: Palmer Smith

★IFWP - Commercial Division

★Connect with us!

Hello everyone, welcome this group surrounding Infinite Flight Simulator.
In this group feel free to post photos, videos and start reasonable discussions about the Infinite Flight Simulation and your game experience. Here we will treat each other with respect which mean absolutely no foul language because their may be kids here. If for any reason someone you feel that someone is treating you unkind or unfair, don't hesitate to contact one of the members of my administration. This group was designed to make everyone feel welcome and at home. Also there will no outward arguments within comments as they should handled through PM or if you feel that it's elevating, contact the Admins for resolution. Any negative outward burst will be removed and that member will be given a warning. Also foul language as mentioned from any member, is subject to suspension. You guys are welcome to post photos of real life Aviation.Thanks for joining and as always happy flying!