IGT And Low Milk Supply Support Group


This is a support group for women with CHRONIC low milk supply. If you are suffering from temporary low milk supply, poor breastfeeding management, or just looking for a way to boost your already full milk supply, there are tons and tons of other breastfeeding groups out there that can help you.

When requesting to join, you must fill out the following questionnaire. If you request to join without filling out the application, your request will be rejected. This is in effort to preserve the "safe space" of our group and fish out the spammers/fake accounts.

Please note that for the safety and privacy of our members, we are no longer accepting joint accounts (for example: Peter 'N Stacy Smith, or KatieandBrian Johnson).

Please submit your application via facebook message to Jessica Butunda.(www.facebook.com/JessicaBrimmerButanda).

Please allow a few days after submitting your request. I'm a busy mom with a family, too. :)

Application for moms:

1. Please give a brief description of your experience with low milk supply. (If you are pregnant and have reason to believe you may have milk supply issues once your baby is born, please specify.)

2. What do you suspect is the cause of your low supply? (Insufficient glandular tissue, polycystic ovarian syndrome, breastfeeding after breast-reduction surgery, tongue- or lip-tie, hormonal issues, or unknown causes.)

3. What do you hope to gain from joining this group?

Application for health care professionals:

1. What is your title, and where do you work?

2. What do you hope to gain from joining this group?

Once approved, it is MANDATORY for all members to read the New Member document listed below and "like" it afterwards as it contains our code: https://www.facebook.com/notes/igt-and-low-milk-supply-support-group/new-members-please-start-here/316602861689045

Please respect the "safe space" aspect of our group.

BE WARNED: Members are allowed, and, indeed, encouraged to post pictures of their breasts in pursuit of answers to any and all questions they may have, so you may wish to "hide all posts" from your news feed and not check the group while you're at work or somewhere that you wouldn't feel comfortable having boob pictures pop up suddenly. NSFW, unless you're an IBCLC. ;)

By the boobs, for the boobs, and about the boobs. Women supporting women through the trials, hardships, and accomplishments of living with insufficient breast glandular tissue and/or chronic low milk supply. We are all BEST FEEDERS. We feed the way that is best for our babies and ourselves!