Internet Marketing Help & Tools

The purpose of this FB Group is for both New & Seasoned Internet Marketers to find Information, Resources & Tools that help make their job easier, in one way or another.

The information you post may include Informative text, Graphics, White papers, Webinars, Software, Books, Affiliate offers, etc. about a wide variety of things, such as Building websites, SEO, Traffic generation, Lead generation, List building, Back links, Social Media, etc. If you have any questions about Internet Marketing OR if you feel you have something of value to share, that would benefit others in the Internet Marketing arena (whether you receive any sort of compensation or not), then feel free to do so--HOWEVER, there is to be NO SPAMMING of GENERIC OPPORTUNITIES, such as Amway, Herbalife, Legal Shield, ACN & the like.

If you're UNSURE whether or not your post might be considered SPAM, then leave a message, along with the post example for review BEFORE posting. Anything that does not directly help an Internet Marketer do their job more effectively, efficiently, easily, etc., will be considered SPAM . Likewise, OVER POSTING (more than once a week) the SAME INFORMATION will also be considered SPAM--both of which will get the post & poster REMOVED from the group!

Simply put, we are looking for QUALITY Information, Resources & Tools that would be welcomed by everyone who wants to be (or already is) a successful Internet Marketer.