Internet Marketing Strategies

This group for all eMarketing savvy people who are Interested about Internet Marketing Strategies & Analysis:

- Traffic Monetizing.
- Search Engine (PPC) Advertising.
- Affiliate Marketing.
- CPC/CPA/CPM Campaigns and networks.
- Converting clicks to leads/sales, raising conversion rate & CTR.
- Ads Placements & Contextual Advertisement.
- eMarketing.
- New Products Development, Management & Marketing.
- eCommerce.
- Social Ads, Blogs & Social Media Advertising.
- Facebook Advertising.
- SEO Tips.
- keywords Generation.
- Domaining.
- Email Marketing.
- Newsletters Marketing.
- SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
- Web Press Releases. (PR Wiring)
- Online Market Research.
- Online Identity Management. (OIM)
- Viral Marketing (Social Webs, SMS, Games, Ebooks, Software, ..etc).
- Niche Marketing.

This group will be; unique; non-spammed; will have rich content; updated reports; and scientific data on miscellaneous topics.

The difference between this group & other Facebook groups also is that an accompanying blog will be launched soon and the mission's statement of the blog and the IMS group is to share and spread Internet Marketing practices and experiences among proposed audience; to create a new benchmark of ideas brainstorming & articulation and to purify rich resources and share it with marketing enthusiasts.

P.S I just want to reassure that I am so much against spam and hard selling or aggressive marketing. This group is informative and with a knowledge sharing spirit.