INCA Learning Coaches

Welcome to INCA Learning Coaches. This is a site for current parents and learning coaches of Indiana Connection Academy students to share, discuss, and learn with each other. This site is NOT sponsored by INCA. It is an independent group of parents.

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN OUR GROUP AND YOU ARE NOT LISTED IN THE INCA SCHOOL DIRECTORY, PLEASE SEND A WEBMAIL TO ADMINISTRATOR SUZAN MERTES TO VERIFY YOUR CONNECTION TO THE SCHOOL. Thank you! Members, if you wish to invite friends to join, you may as long as the friend is also an INCA parent/learning coach.

Please keep all posts as positive as possible. This is not to say you cannot "vent," but no disrespectful or argumentative posting will be tolerated. Please do not name names when having a conflict. We are all adults and can certainly conduct ourselves accordingly. :-) Also, unless it directly concerns INCA students or parents, advertising is not permitted. Thanks!