INC Chicago (Public Group/Prospect Page)

INC Chicago is part of the INC Nation. INC stands for Impalas N Caprices. A family of owners of 91-96 GM b-body cars. That means if the car was built between 91-96 and is a Caprice, Impala SS, Roadmaster, Fleetwood or one of the related station wagons then we love them.

The INC Nation was formed to offer the owners (at the time) and the next generation of owners that were coming up a place to hang out with a diverse group of fellow owners without having to deal with intolerance, racism, dues or car club officer ego's. The "Anti-Car Club" Club. No dues. No officers. We are nation wide and constantly growing. Chances are if you're interested, we have a Chapter near you. From Washington state to Miami. From Boston to SO CAL. The INC Nation is the largest, highest quality car club of its kind in the world.

Just an INC Family made up of owners and their families that enjoy hanging out, modding their cars, helping others mod theirs, racing, attending car shows. Pretty much anything can think of doing with them. Someone in each Chapter is probably into it. Another benefit of being a part of the INC Family is the HUGE database of knowledge about these cars that we are stewards of and are constantly sharing with our INC Nation members.

If you come out and meet us you will meet people you would have never said hello to somewhere else. You will become friends with people that will enrich your life. That's why we call it the INC Family. And INC Life!

If you like what you see and want to contribute to the INC life then just ask! We'll make you a probationary member. Then all you have to do to become a full member is attend three meets in one year and ask the Chapter to vote on your full member status.

And always.... INC Family!!! INC Life!!!

From the Northside and southside of Chicago...We welcome many B & D Body owners Here in chicagoland and surrounding suburbs. We are also Affiliated with other Car clubs in the North and South side of Chicago. Got B-Body or D-body? Hit us up a message and we well get at you. For any Questions Regarding the Group Contact Admins (Rene, Javier, Rafael, Leo or D.Anthony). We will get back to you shortly.