The largest and friendliest Facebook group for INFJs and friends... to talk among themselves in the privacy of a 'Closed Group' setting. Only members of this group can see the posts in this group.
Don't be shy! This is the place to share all of your idealistic thoughts and feelings, whether they be fact or emotion-based, with other INFJs.
There are no rules here, except that we treat each other with the same amount of respect and kindness we would expect from others. That's the golden rule and INFJs have always successfully lived by it.

You don't have to be an INFJ to join. We welcome all MBTI types interested in learning the INFJ experience from the first-person perspective.

History (Origin): On the Sunday, November 27th of 2011, the admin of another well-known INFJ group (, had, for reasons unknown, suddenly decided to (on a whim, it seemed) instantly remove most of the 8,000+ members of his group. It was a well-known, highly active group that lasted well over 5 years, and his decision to destroy the group is (to this very day) a complete mystery.
In order to salvage whatever members and content was left of the old group, (as well as its overall general purpose and meaning), INFJ John Gabriel and INFP Amber Wedel conceptualized the building of a new foundation of what would later become this group. (A special thanks to Martin Roberts for salvaging most of the photographic "wreckage" left behind from the old group).

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