I Need Someone Who... [JOBS]




REMEMBER: None of the admins are in recruitment so you CANNOT send us your CV's, we have created a platform for everyone to share opportunities! DO NOT INBOX US WITH YOUR QUALIFICATIONS & LIFE STORIES!!!

No, we will NOT inbox individuals with job opportunities! We are bringing posts here, make an effort, we cannot apply for you too. We will NO LONGER be responding to any of these inboxes.

1. Do not spam (comment) on someone else's post with your needs, create your OWN post so that you can track the comments ☝️
2. Be SPECIFIC in your posts. Detail the kind of employee you want as much as possible; ✔️
3. Only posts with a number/email address & sufficient details will be approved; No details, no approval. Non-negotiable.
4. No MLM/Work-at-home opportunities will be approved (ie: Jeunesse, Forever, NuSkin, TCP, Avon, Herbalife, IFA, any referral, network or work from home opportunities) ❌
5. We will NOT approve "looking for accommodation" posts. ❌
6a. We will NOT approve “I need transport to get to work” posts. ❌
6b. Don't know how to get somewhere? Ask your community groups and your friends, we will NO LONGER be approving those posts. ❌

7. READ ALL POSTS CAREFULLY!! Do not comment with your contact details unless asked to do so, your comment will be ignored or deleted; if you continue to do so you will be REMOVED from the group.
8. BUMP means we are commenting "bump" to move your post up to the top of the page;