Island Park Civic Association

The Island Park Civic Association is a not-for-profit organization formed in May 2008 by residents of Island Park, NY. Our purpose is to bring all of the Island Park areas including Harbor Isle, the Incorporated Village of Island Park and Barnum Island, together as a community. Membership is open to residents of all three areas.

Working with local and regional government as well as neighbors and businesses, we are striving to improve the quality of life in Island Park including Harbor Isle, the Incorporated Village and Barnum Isle.

Maintaining a positive stance and a spirit of cooperation with all of our government officials will help us achieve dramatic improvement and results that benefit everyone, from residents to businesses and visitors.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the Island Park Library at 7:00 PM upstairs in the meeting room.

Our Activities:

Improvement of Austin Blvd. - The IPCA has worked with local government to get a study of the traffic on Austin Blvd. to put a stop to pedestrian deaths on this dangerous road. We have asked for a median to be built which we believe will help to improve the safety for motorists and pedestrians as well as clean up the appearance of our main entrance to our community.

Closure of the Long Beach Motor Inn – Nassau County has been using this motel to place sex offenders and criminals in temporary housing. The IPCA has worked with the county to have the sex offenders removed from this motel as it is situated in the middle of our residential area and is adjacent to a school bus stop. The IPCA is working to cut off the county dollars supporting this crime-ridden venue and have the property repurposed as Oceanside and West Hempstead has done with their blighted motels.

Barrett Power Plant – The IPCA is working with the superintendant of schools and our elected officials to ensure that any reduction in taxes assessed to the power plant carefully considers the impact it will have on our community.

Soldiers Angels Dinner Dance– The annual ‘Valentine’s Day’ themed dinner dance was started three years ago, as a fundraiser for Soldiers Angels. This benefit dinner brings the community together to honor local servicemen and raise funds for our troops overseas.

Community Service– The IPCA contributes to local events, such as the Island Park Faculty Association fundraiser, Sacred Heart Church San Gennaro Feast Booth Sponsorship, Island Park PTA end of year dinner fundraiser, community cleanup days and more!

Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant – The IPCA is working with local officials to ensure that the plant is being repaired in a timely manner and that our waterways are safe places in which to swim and fish.

Abbey Manor refurbishment – The IPCA has worked with the new owners of the property, PYCH, Inc. to redesign the property to better suit the residents surrounding the property as well as the community as a whole. We will continue to monitor the construction process and the facility once it is opened to ensure that its operations add value to our community.