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Welcome to The IPENZ Facebook Group! This has been set up for engineers and about engineers of all disciplines in New Zealand by The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ), the professional membership body representing and leading engineers of all at every level, and stimulating discussion showing what's happening in engineering.

All posts will be moderated and any posts that are deemed unrelated to the profession will be deleted as will members who consistently post unrelated, promotional or offensive comment.

Please do not post any solicitations for your service of the business that your company provides Any postings deemed to be solicitation will be removed and repeat offenders will be removed from this Group. IPENZ reserves the right to promote material from time to time as the owner and moderator of this Group.

No profanity or abuse of any kind will be tolerated. Any posts that are perceived as spam will be deleted immediately as will the members who posted such content.

If there are any violation of the rules you will be removed from the Group no questions asked.

Why so strict? The rules are strict as the primary success of this Group depends on how tightly it's managed and so members feel confident to post top-quality content and discussion as the profession continues to develop.

Happy posting and enjoy the public dialogue. Looking forward to engage with you!