This group is for:
Sharing information about I...PSC.
Sharing information about competitions.
Posting pictures or films from competitions.
For promoting excellence in IPSC shooting.

The official language in this group is English, all posts in other languages will be deleted and a warning handed out.There is also no need to thank the admins for being added, these posts will be deleted, please post interesting and informative things about the sport, not thank you notes.

This group is NOT for:
Political posts.
Picking fights.
Selling products.
Spamming the members.
From 2013-09-25 it's not allowed for companies or individuals to post ads, or links to their webshops.
No peddling of wares, gun related or not.

Offenders will be subjected to one or more of the punishments below:
Although these punishments seem like a joke, be sure they're not.
Transgressions will be dealt with and offenders will be banned.

Have a good time here, observe the safety angles, and DVC!