Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS) Group Page

Envision, Engage, Transform...
“Envisioning the academy as a site of critical engagement for social transformation. . .”IRAAS is an intellectual community that bridges scholarship, teaching, and public life.

We envision the project of African American Studies as a multi-disciplinary enterprise. Our faculty employ an array of theoretical approaches and methodological strategies to examine historical and contemporary formations in black culture, politics, and society.

The Institute has a rich tradition of scholarship which capitalizes upon our unique location in New York City, especially the dynamic community of Harlem. Currently, IRAAS engages in a broad program of research and teaching that attends to the diversity of black experiences in the global diaspora.

IRAAS understands education to be a necessarily transformative endeavor. To this end, our mission is threefold:

* To prepare students to become critical thinkers and
global citizens;
* To facilitate and support innovative research (working
groups, collaborative and individual projects, and
faculty/student grants);
* To disseminate knowledge through academic and public
forums including IRAAS “Conversations,” lectures,
roundtable discussions, conferences, and new media

The Institute for Research in African-American Studies of Columbia University, founded in July 1993 by acclaimed scholar the late Professor Manning Marable, IRAAS is an academic resource center. The purposes and activities of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies are grounded within the best scholarship of the black intellectual tradition. Towards that end, the Institute administers the Undergraduate and Master's degree programs in African-American Studies at Columbia University; regularly sponsors academic conferences, lectures and forums on a wide variety of topics; produces the scholarly publication SOULS: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society, which is distributed throughout the U.S. and internationally.