>>>>>>>>IRAN Situation Room <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Mission Statement:
regulations are as follows:
We are here to promote the well being of the people of Iran and we are not here to promote the regime of IRAN or the regimes, dictators or governments of any nation actually , we support liberated educated people s for all nations on this , our only planet , our focus is Iran first , but we sincerely care about liberty for the entire region second!
This forum is for the current affair of Iran and issues surrounding it,please refrain from posting materials that aren't relevant.
Personal and racist attacks and other unreasonable behaviors/ language will not be tolerated..
Violators will be removed without warnings..NO EXCEPTIONS..
Please note: we are by no mean promoting or denouncing war or resistance,
We would also prefer that the clerics in Iran would join the human race and die off soon as possible !
For many people (Iranians and none) war seems inevitable as time passes.
we're trying to exchange ideas and learn together to avert war.
This has been a question on minds of so many Iranians and others concern, for over three decades now...

Once again, the reason for creating this group is to discus and debate and exchange thoughts and ideologies..[ WE ARE NOT WAR MONGERS],

*The Conclusion so far in simple language:
*We all agree we love Iran

*We all hate the mullahs, we want these clerics to leave into exile or simply die off very rapidly so the people of Iran can be free of their influences! We love Iran, especially the people !

*We all agree they are the enemy and they must be dealt with.

*We all agree peaceful demonstration is not getting us anywhere just like we have witnessed in the past 32 years and will not for next 100 years. we must support strikes and sickouts for now.

*We all, for the most part understand and believe if we don't make a move now, there will be nothing left to defend in 5-10 years as the mullahs will ending up selling Iran piece by piece..
OR it will end up turning into a Taliban state..

The Iranian people are the most Westernized in the region and new leadership in Iran will transform the world,
Much of worldwide terrorism will end,
Iraq and Afghanistan will become much more stable,
Lebanon will become more independent without the influence of Hezbollah,
Israel will be more secure and there will finally be hope for peace between Israel and Palestinian leadership.
We will witness positive effects throughout Central Asia and Latin America without Iran’s influence, and finally, no more appeasing China and Russia over Iran.

It’s simple. All we need do is support the Iranian people in their aspirations for freedom. Do not appease their leaders. Do not negotiate with them.

We have many common grounds here, we seriously need outside help BUT in order to fix the eyebrow we don't want to blind the eyes ...