ISTA Community Page

This virtual community is a place to stay c...onnected to the tribe, be informed of ISTA events and keep the fire of the life force alive.

Guidelines for posting:

Events: ISTA events or affiliated events only. An affiliated event has a faculty member involved, uses ISTA in its branding and contributes 10% of its profits to ISTA.
Exceptions: ISTA facilitators who introduce themselves as such in the post.

Contribution and Intention: ISTA has been created and thrives on a spirit of contribution. This is an energy field and we are wanting to build the energies of empowerment, love, contribution and life force. Some posts build that energy and others drain it. Part of that is intention - consider your motivation for the post - are you wanting something for the field or from the field? Are you in the wheel of consent and are you asking for what you want directly?
Inspiration: We welcome inspiration however the internet is full of 'mind candy'. Consider whether your post is relevant to the themes ISTA deals with in the world.

Politics: Please don't. ISTA is non political in the sense that we embrace duality. Politics is normally asserting one side of any situation and attempting to enrol others or expecting others to support your viewpoint. Stand up for what you believe by all means and embody your values in your life but please respect every one else's sovereignty and right to be and think different from you.

Administration: Someone has to make the calls on our behalf with the above guidelines in mind. It will be their job to decide which posts to delete and which to allow. Please understand they are doing their best for the field and may not be able to be in dialogue about every decision.

What is ISTA? ISTA is committed to raising consciousness & sexuality education across the globe to grow community, provide conferences, events, and trainings to individuals, practitioners and teachers, and to provide business tools and collaborations to support the emergence of the Temple Arts around the world.