IT Expetz

Welcome To IT Epertz

First Of All IT Expertz Team Welcomes You From Inner Core Of Heart ;)

Now Here Are Some Rules Which You Have To Follow To Be In Group :)

Rule 1 : Donot Post Any Group Promoting Or Web Promoting Link In Group.
( On Voilation Of Rule 1 Will Be Ignored Once)

Rule 2 : Donot Post Spamming And Phising And Other Hacking Links In Group.
( On Voilation Of Rule 2 Banned On The Spot)

Rule 3: Don't Try To Show Off In Group That You Are Expert As There Are Many More :)
(On Voilation Of Rule 3 Will Be Warned Once)

Rule 4:Don't Challenge Any Of Our Team Release That Its a RAT,Try To Respect Coders Instead Of Challenging Them.
(On Voilation Of Rule 4 You Will Be Banned Immediately)

Rule 5: Donot Post Any Irrelevant Material In The Group Including Adult Media.
(On Voilation of Rule 5 You Will Be Blocked)

Rule 6:Any Type Of Link Is Strictly Forbidden In Group.
(Voilation Of This Rule Will Not Be Compromised)

NOTE : Donot Hesitate To Download Any File Shared By IT Expertz Team Members/Admins.
We Guarrantee You That It Will Be Clean.

If You want TO Stay In Group And Want To Seek Knowledge Don't Voilate Rules :)

Knowledge Is Free...So Donot Shy To Share ;)

Stay Blessed (Y)